Our Mission

To work collaboratively with all sporting codes in promoting, fostering, advancing and encouraging the core values of organised amateur sport, with the goal of ensuring there are opportunities, incentives and recognition for all participants, (whether players, coaches, or administrators), which are aligned to their distinctive status as amateurs.

Our Vision And Values

For all New Zealand communities (urban and rural) to have viable and enduring amateur sporting bodies able to attract, engage, build and sustain membership based on each participant’s and each community’s unique needs.

We value: respect for all cultures, genders and beliefs; the social good arising from volunteerism; tradition as a foundation for new ideas and fresh thinking; diversity of thought; and egalitarianism in sport.

We’ll achieve our mission and realise our vision by …

1. Community Engagement

  • having representative membership;
  • achieving national coverage;
  • building brand awareness;
  • arranging charitable funding;
  • supporting achievement recognition; and
  • growing sporting volunteers.

2. Thought Leadership

  • contributing to policy development;
  • establishing global connections;
  • undertaking regular consultation;
  • proposing prototype models;
  • commissioning grassroots surveys; and
  • authoring research papers.

3. Amateur Advocacy

  • being a respected voice;
  • becoming an active lobbyist;
  • undertaking pro-active media;
  • building NSO relationships;
  • professional code collaboration; and
  • mentoring sport in education.

… which will require us to …

… successfully undertake a range of Board approved activities, with outcomes focused on:

  • brand awareness;
  • operational excellence;
  • policy development; and
  • community support.