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You can apply to become a Full Member of the Association, or you can simply choose to subscribe to our regular e-zine newsletter, (“For The Love Of The Game”), providing regular updates on amateur sport in New Zealand.

Full Membership

Any application to become a Full Member of the Association is subject to the approval of the Association’s Board and requires the payment of an annual subscription.

A Full Member of the Association receives the rights of Association membership as described in the Association’s Constitution, including the rights to attend and vote at any General Meetings of the Association.

Full Members are defined in one of six categories:

  1. Individual (or Family);
  2. Community Club;
  3. Regional Sporting Body;
  4. National Sporting Organisation;
  5. Local Authority, or
  6. Associate.

To apply to become a Full Member of the Association, you will need to complete the Association’s on-line Application Form.


Membership Application Form


Details of annual subscription fees, as set and reviewed annually by the Association’s Board, will be provided to applicants on receipt of their application for membership.

E-Zine Subscriber

To subscribe to the Association’s e-zine (“For The Love Of The Game”), which is sent directly to the in-box of subscribers, you will need to provide us with your name and e-Mail address.

If you become an e-zine subscriber, you can choose to unsubscribe from the e-zine at any time.

There is no cost to becoming a subscriber.

To subscribe for the e-zine, you can send your name and e-Mail address to the e-zine Editor, or click the button below.