Why Become A Member?

By becoming a member of the Association you become part of a new movement in support of amateur sport in our local communities. It is a movement where members are linked by their “love of the game, for the game’s sake”, whatever their chosen sport.

A member supports the Association’s Charter and is (in some membership categories) eligible to use the Association’s logo to signify and promote its membership. Members use the Association to lobby and advocate for amateur sport issues in their communities with policy-makers, funders and legislators. They also use the Association to build amateur sport networks, nationally and globally, in support of their sporting interests. On a regular basis, Members meet to formulate and implement strategies based on the Association’s goals of community engagement, amateur advocacy and thought leadership, or to participate in Association events.

Membership is a celebration of amateur sport.

Other than for Associate Members (as explained below), all categories of Association membership confer equal benefits.

Any membership that is not an Individual Member, requires the entity to nominate a person (as a representative of the member), as the member’s representative for the purposes of receipt of communications and for attendance at General Meetings of the Association.

As An Individual (Or Family)

You can be a member of the Association without being a member of a sporting organisation, if you share the aspirations of the Association as described in the Association’s Charter.

As an Individual (or Family) Member, you are an advocate for the role of amateur sport in your community and are entitled to participate in events organised by the Association.

As A Community Club

By becoming a Community Club Member, you are entitled to display the Association’s official logo and Charter within your Club community.

You are also encouraged to use the Association as a voice and advocate for issues which are important to the long-term viability and growth of your Club within your local community.

A Community Club Member has regular access to and communication with the Association’s Board (through the Association’s Secretary), at the Board’s monthly meeting.

As A Regional Sporting Body

Regional Sporting Bodies are responsible for the governance and administration of a national sport within their own geographic region and may be affiliated (formally or informally) to a National Sporting Organisation.

With their region, a Regional Sporting Body Member undertakes to promote the Association’s Charter to its affiliated Clubs and registered participants and display the Association’s logo.

Regional Sporting Body Members will be invited to participate in cross-code forums and discussion groups which seek to address common amateur sporting issues within the region.

As A National Sporting Organisation

If, as National Sporting Organisation, you are a professional sporting code with amateur roots, by becoming a National Sporting Organisation Member, you are identifying that your strategic intent has a clear focus on amateurism to create and sustain success at a professional level.

You are entitled to promote the Association’s Charter within your national sporting community and display the Association’s logo.

A National Sporting Organisation Member cannot confer Association membership on individual Clubs or regional organisations forming part of the sporting code, nor prohibit their membership as a Community Club or Regional Sporting Body Members.

A National Sporting Organisation Member provides direct input to the Association’s annual Strategic Plan and may utilise the Association to provide access to sporting policy-makers at a local and international level. 

As A Local Authority

New Zealand has 78 local authorities which make decisions about local issues and services, having regard to local needs and priorities.

A Local Authority Member can use the Association as an effective way to undertake consultation and decision-making on amateur sport issues, such as the availability of local sporting facilities to meet the needs of local communities.

The Association can also support Local Authority Members by promoting the amateur sport needs of local authorities with national policy-makers and funders.

As An Associate

An Associate Member is a kindred organisation located in New Zealand or overseas, which aligns to the Association’s Objects.

If from a non-resident organisation, an application for Associate membership is accepted at the Board’s sole discretion, but does not entitle (if granted), the Associate Member with any Voting Rights (in accordance with the Association’s Constitution).

An Associate Member is invited to promote its activities at a strategic or operational level through the Association’s membership.