Around 16% of New Zealand’s sports clubs directly applied for and received welcome financial relief in the Government’s second COVID-19 package for community sport.

It's been reported that the Community Resilience Fund has paid out just under $15 million to 2,070 entities nationally, (not all of which were incorporated sports organisations). An Association analysis of the data supplied by Sport New Zealand shows that 1,217 community sports clubs directly applied for and received funding.

Based on the Association’s national database of sports clubs, of the top-ten sporting codes (by total number of clubs), the "top-three" whose clubs directly applied for and were paid grants were Rugby Union, Squash and Cricket. The three sporting codes that received least support in the funding round (of the top-ten) were Bowls (Lawn and Indoor), Athletics and Netball.

It is noted that some sporting codes (e.g. netball) also applied for and received grants as regional associations, which act as a governance umbrella for their participating clubs. In the case of these grants, its unclear how funding is then disbursed to underlying member clubs.

The top-ten sporting codes (by total number of clubs nationally) accounted for two-thirds of the total grants made directly to clubs, with the median grant amounts paid, shown below.

Football $10,363
Golf $9,505
Hockey $7,453
Rugby Union $6,435
Squash $6,328
Netball $5,771
Cricket $4,829
Tennis $4,771
Bowls (Lawn and Indoor) $4,308
Athletics & Harriers $2,837
Median All Clubs $6,466

You can listen to Radio New Zealand's "The Panel", hosted by Wallace Chapman, discuss the pros and cons of the latest funding round, by using the media player below.

The Association notes that among the grants paid, was one made to a formerly incorporated sports club which has been dissolved by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies. Presumably this grant will be repaid.