Following the sought-for implementation of the Association's proposed Relief Package, the attention of New Zealand's sport administrators must quickly turn to developing a Recovery Plan which will restore confidence to New Zealand's sporting communities.

You can listen to Association Chairman, Gordon Noble-Campbell discuss the Association's proposed Recovery Plan with Jim Kayes on RadioSport's "Weekender" show, using the media player below. In summary, the Association suggests that the Recovery Plan for community sport should take three forms.

1. "It's O.K. To Play"

At some point, post the COVID-19 crisis, there will need to be national publicity campaign to bring people back to community sport. The current change in social behaviour will make it hard for parents and children in particular, to become comfortable with contact sports in the short to medium term, with a need to show it's "safe to play" traditional Kiwi sports.

2. A New Funding Structure

With commercial sport revenues for National Sport Organisations uncertain for the foreseeable future, greater reliance will need to come on "grass-roots support" (e.g. from local businesses funding teams, or philanthropic sources). In addition, the Government could adopt the "FairPlay" voucher system in Australia, which gives families $150 per child to pay for sport registration, given many families will be financially struggling.

3. A New Governance Model

National Sport Organisations will once more need to become more fully supported by experienced volunteers, rather than relying on paid employees, if there is no (or significantly reduced) revenue. With sport stadia unlikely to be filled in the near future, revenue streams based on patronage (or advertising) are likely to be reduced for a considerable period of time.