Radio has often been described as the “theatre of the mind” and in the realm of sports commentary, it has the ability to evoke excitement and emotion simply through the eloquence of the spoken word. There is no other medium which allows someone to vicariously participate (“free of charge”) in all the “on-field” action, while undertaking some other form of activity, whether it be, driving the car, working in the garden, walking the dog, or painting the kitchen.

Moreover, radio does not require a contract with telecommunications service provider, or access to an expensive device to experience the drama of a sporting event. It is perhaps the last mode of communication which is truly "egalitarian".  This explains why in New Zealand we still have a "national radio" service broadcast on the AM band to ensure everyone can access essential information, on any form of radio receiver, when needed. (And what can be more essential than connecting with your local sport community?)

The documentary below which celebrates of the artistry of free-to-air radio broadcasting of rugby union, was first broadcast on Wellington's Te Upoko o te Ika's "E Tu Whanau Footy Show" on Saturday, 18 April 2020, at a time when community sport was not permitted in New Zealand.