Harriers a healthy option for vibrant New Zealand communities

The New Zealand Amateur Sport Association Inc. encourages all local communities to support their local Harriers Clubs. An article in the press this weekend suggested that some Clubs “… are running towards oblivion as they fail to attract new members and suffer from the growing commercialisation of large-scale social running events”.

There are multiple benefits of being a member of a Harriers Club according to Association Chair, Gordon Noble-Campbell. “Running is probably the one sport with the least barriers to participation, with many Clubs providing opportunities for noncompetitive community-based activities”. “Being part of a local community based Club, which is focused on the physical well-being of its members through sport, provides an important way for communities to stay connected” says Noble-Campbell.

The Association suggests that more can be done to promote these benefits in all communities where there are Harriers Clubs across New Zealand, with a specific focus on promoting events where participation does not come at a price, or necessarily with a competitive edge.

“Staying fit and healthy is the simple goal of many New Zealanders” says Noble-Campbell. “Harriers Clubs continue to provide an easy way for everyone to stay fit, while enjoying the benefits of being part of a social, community environment.” “Clubs are great for healthy communities.”

To contact the Association, e-Mail enquiries@asa.org.nz or call 021 140 6118.