National Sport Club Survey Launches On 31 August

The NSCS Project Team comprises co-leads Dr Mel Johnston and Dr Michael Naylor (from AUT) as well as Amber Campbell, Will Caccia-Birch and Gordon Noble-Campbell (Association Chairman). The project aligns with the spirit of insights-driven provision of sport, which is increasingly a priority across the sector.

The Club itself as an organisational entity is the unit of analysis, (rather than individuals as participants). This survey is also unique because it is undertaken annually, nationally and across sport codes. Importantly, the NSCS builds upon what National Sport Organisations, Regional Sport Organisations, Regional Sports Trusts and Clubs may already be doing in terms of surveys and gathering insights. The Project Team is working with sport organisations on the survey itself, engaging with local communities and facilitating workshops.

In addition to building on a longitudinal set of sport club data, additional focus areas for the 2020 NSCS are COVID-19 as well “Innovation” and “Resilience”, which have never been more important for sport clubs. 2020 NSCS workshops to discuss the survey findings are being planned for Tauranga, New Plymouth and Hamilton and potentially elsewhere.

Dr. Naylor notes that “the 2020 NSCS will play a role in helping to re-imagine sport in these unprecedented times”. Association Chairman, Gordon Noble-Campbell hopes that the survey will serve to renew the focus of community sports clubs as a key element of social well-being, observing that “at a time of widespread social dislocation, community sports clubs are playing a key role in connecting people across demographics, gender, race and economic background”.

To find out more about the survey, please contact or call 021 612 451.

The NSCS Project Team thanks Dynasty Sport as a key sponsor of the survey in 2020

Thanks is also extended to Pinnacle Corporation as a key supporter of the Association