National Sport Club Survey

  • captures the club experience of 150,000 Kiwis;

  • a partnership between the ASA and AUT;

  • commenced in 2018, conducted annually;

  • circa 7,500 clubs invited to participate;

  • the survey is undertaken on-line; with

  • findings presented at regional seminars

2021 Survey Update

Given COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings, the regional workshops planned in conjunction with the 2021 survey have been postponed. However you can download insight sheets highlighting key findings from this year's survey, below.

  • 2021 Survey Highlights - click here
  • Focus On Incorporated Societies - click here
  • Auckland Region - click here
  • Female-Friendly Environments - click here and here
  • Wellington Region - click here

Further insight sheets will appear on this page, when they become available.

2020 Survey Update

Six focal areas of: membership; facilities; sponsorship; management; governance; volunteers.

1,100 clubs completed the 2020 survey, across 17 regions, covering 80 different sports.

Initial insights from the 2020 survey, are shown below.

2019 Survey Update

Among findings from the 2019 survey:

- the average size of club membership in New Zealand was just below 200; and

- the average annual cost of an adult playing membership was $227.

Click here for a copy of the 2019 survey report.


2018 Survey Update